The FortifID Access Control Solution is designed to give you the ability to mitigate business, operational and compliance risk at your facility. Manage your access control in real-time from anywhere in the world with our secure, cloud-based solution.



  • Mitigate business, operational and compliance risk
  • Prevent breach of security or transportation security incident
  • Manage gate throughput
  • Configure to the unique needs of your facility footprint and facility security plan
  • Improve guard management
  • Expedite compliance inspections
  • Simplify reporting for compliance, forensic investigations and internal audits
  • Manage access control in real time from anywhere in the world
Client Care

Our Proven Process


The FortifID solution is customizable to the unique business processes of your facility. Our team of certified FSOs can consult and help configure the Solutions and Hardware to your Facility Security Plan and drive real-time monitoring and management across all terminals and access points. 

Our Proven Process


Personalized onboarding sessions ensure your Solutions and Hardware are up and running, according to your timeline. Our intuitive, easy to use software and hardware, coupled with one-on-one onboarding sessions make the FortifID easy to deploy and the value-realization immediate.  

Our Proven Process

Client Care

We’re there for you, and we can prove it. With an average 94% customer satisfaction score and rapid support resolution, we can confidently say your experience with MAGNAR will be a positive one. 

FortifID360 Portal

Improve All Aspects of Your Facility

We keep time on your side by allowing you to manage gate throughput, improve guard management, expedite compliance inspections and simplify reporting all in one place.

Improve your security posture and increase collaboration with state, local and federal entities with minimal effort.

Prevent loss and disruption of operations due to a security event.

Use the FortifID solution to prevent breaches of security and transportation security incidents by configuring the solution to your unique facility footprint and facility security plan.