Real Time Communication


How It Works


  • No IT infrastructure required
  • Deploy anywhere in minutes
  • Compliant TWIC inspections
  • Random screening notification
  • Faster inspections
  • Simple user interface
  • Rugged Hardware

How It Works


  • Private encrypted cellular network
  • No local network required
  • Real time data
  • 99.999% network uptime nationally

How It Works


  • Secure cloud based management portal
  • Customize your FSP
  • Account access anywhere
  • Monitor facility access points
  • Perform facility audits
  • Compliance documentation
  • Guard management
TWIC on CCL access prevention
Gate throughput improvement

Each month, the FortifID…

Prevents access to 23 TWIC on Canceled Card List and improves gate throughput by 42%

Solution Tiers

Each plan includes the Access Control Solution, which is tailored to the unique needs of your facility. Additional Solutions, Modules, and Hardware can be flexibly added to meet your needs.


Ideal for small facilities

BASIC Access Control Solution plan includes:

  • System Administration
  • Facility Mapping
  • Access Point Configuration
  • TWIC, CDL & Driver’s License Credentialing
  • Random Screening
  • MARSEC Level Control
  • Guard Management
  • Digital Access Log
  • Basic Reporting
  • As few as 1 Access Point
  • 2 User Seats

Most Popular


Ideal for mid-sized facilities

TEAM Access Control Solution plan includes:

  • Everything in BASIC plan
  • + 6 Access Points
  • + 1 Additional User Seat
  • + 1 Customer Support Block


Ideal for mid-sized organizations

BUSINESS Access Control Solution plan includes:

  • Everything in TEAM plan
  • + 8 Access Points
  • + 2 Additional User Seats
  • + 1 Customer Support Block
  • + 1 Professional Services Block
  • + Multi-Facility Deployments


50+ Subscriptions

  • Everything in BUSINESS plan
  • + Additional Customization
  • Contact a Magnar FSO Consultant for details

What our customers say


“As a Port Director, I like products that are easy to operate and work. I can operate the system and it works, and in today’s day in age when there is a product that does both it’s not often that it’s also affordable. It works in one of Alaska’s most rugged Ports all year round.”

Jeremy T.
Port Authority

“FortifID is a game changer when it comes to mitigating dangerous and costly security risk exposure. It seems an obvious choice to both reduce the vulnerability to, and the consequences of, a security incident.”

Edward Seebald
President, Seebald & Associates International

“It isn’t  just a TWIC reader. The capability to verify drivers licenses and CDLs is very handy. The online portal also gives better visibility of who’s coming on terminal.”

Kyle N.
Container Terminal